Rebecca Watches God’s Not Dead: Raw Notes

What follows are the notes I made while watching God’s Not Dead. I had intended to write a full review, and I may still do that, but I don’t have anything else to post this morning, so here you go.


Did he seriously just joke about giving extra credit for using a lowercase g at the beginning of a sentence? I can’t imagine any self-respecting professor ever even jesting at giving extra credit for bad grammar.

Any professor like this working in America would lose his job, unless he were working for a religious school and forcing kids to write that god is alive.

playing to “liberal arts college trains people to be atheists” idea that people have, which is false

“I feel like God wants someone to defend him.” WHY DOESN’T GOD DO THAT THEN

WTF is with Duck Dynasty guy in the middle of this movie? Why would this vegan atheist girl attack him at his church?

And why the Muslim subplot? Are we supposed to sympathize with them? Just with her? Is he supposed to be seen as right or wrong?

I call bullshit on 80 American students not having meaningful exposure to Jesus outside of Christian Martyr Man

this movie is full of iphones

first thing Christian Martyr Man says is denying that he has the burden of proof

“the universe began to exist exactly as one would expect after reading Genesis” except for evolution and water not pre-existing BUT MINOR DETAILS

“in the real world, we never see things jumping into existence out of nothingness” except for when we do

first day = first cause argument

Dr. Evil is right, though

except for being evil

why did his girlfriend break up with him? to show that god doesn’t even care enough to provide a supportive significant other? and did they really start dating when they are 12? because college freshmen are like 18 and they’ve been together 6 years


he breaks up with her because she has cancer?

wow is he ever mean to his wife

are they really trying to deny evolution?

“Most committed atheists were once Christians” actually agree with that

only strawman in this scene is the implication that atheists are atheists because of some deep personal tragedy

Muslim man kicks his daughter out for being Christian

free will does not explain CANCER

atheists don’t hate god lol


except Dr. Evil who got hit by a car and died in the middle of the street but not before being pressured by Pastor Man to accept Jesus

“Pain, yes, for a few moments” except for the 40+ years mourning his mom

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