Apologies, Church Invites, Calvin and Hobbes, Potato Salad, and Evolution

Yeah, I still haven’t buckled down and gotten to serious work on my next series, so here’s some links I found over the last week or so that deserve a share. First up, there’s an article about how to apologize. I may never have kids and almost definitely will never be a teacher, but I … More Apologies, Church Invites, Calvin and Hobbes, Potato Salad, and Evolution

Beyond the Wall

Mine was a happy childhood; at least, I remember mostly happiness. I never knew my father; he was at work when I was awake and I only saw him in pictures and brief glances when I was supposed to be in bed. I didn’t know my father’s family, either; none of his siblings or parents … More Beyond the Wall

The Festering Hellcat

A youth ran into the bookstore eagerly, looked around, and ran back out just as eagerly. Then, he took two steps down the sidewalk and pushed open the door of the neighboring pet store. He ran to the counter and pushed a sweaty fistful of wadded cash and coins towards the cashier. “Please, sir, please,” … More The Festering Hellcat

The Atheist Test

I don’t really have a reason, but I’m going to answer the questions from Ray Comfort’s “Atheist Test” anyway. I will not just give the multiple choice responses provided, however, but respond to any flawed reasoning I see as well. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be very interesting, right? Billions of years ago, a big bang produced … More The Atheist Test