Similarities between Orthodox Judaism and Fundamentalist Christianity

I was recently pointed to this article about what life is like for Hasidic atheists, and I was struck by the similarities between their lives and the stories I’ve heard of atheists from fundamentalist Christian families in the American South. I especially identified with the one called Solomon: From Dershowitz, Solomon moved on to evolutionary biology, … More Similarities between Orthodox Judaism and Fundamentalist Christianity

Catholicism and Evolution

There’s an extremely common misconception that the Catholic Church accepts evolution. Of course, in a sense, it does. Nothing in official Catholic teaching forbids Catholics from accepting that cats and dogs and turtles all evolved from fish. Indeed, nothing in Church teaching forbids Catholics from believing that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors. What is forbidden … More Catholicism and Evolution

An Ideal Day

I’m not sure what time I would wake up if I had the choice, but I do know I would not set an alarm. If it was early enough, I would start by getting some writing done; whether a new “short story” or a few more sentences in a novel or some characterization or even … More An Ideal Day