Monster Mans!

This is one of the crafting projects I’ve been working on lately. These little “monster mans” (as I call them) are what I used for stocking stuffers for my co-workers. They were inspired by this crochet pattern over here. While I didn’t follow the pattern precisely for most of them, I think they came out … More Monster Mans!

Scarf Complete

This announcement is a bit overdue, but I wanted to share it. About the beginning of May, I decided to learn to knit. I wanted a craft that could travel well, that I could pick up and put down at a moment’s notice, that I could use to keep my hands busy while out being social … More Scarf Complete

Bunch o’ Links

My whole apartment smells like corned beef. Amazing thing to wake up to! Today, I’ll be posting a list of links to things I’ve found around the internet, with some short commentary. First up is this bittersweet personal story about saving sex for marriage. It turns out that telling women sex is wrong their entire … More Bunch o’ Links


I’ve decided to start something new. As I’ve mentioned, in addition to being an aspiring author and (aspiring) atheist “activist”, I’m also a professional programmer. However, programming is but one of the many crafts I enjoy doing. I also put together jigsaw puzzles, make small clay animals, and put together jewelry. I’ve even tried felting, … More Rosaries