12 Important Categories

These are the categories of posts that I find most important, most interesting, or am most proud of, but that don’t warrant a full page devoted to them. For the full list, see the middle of the bottom of any page on this blog. Enjoy!

  1. Rebecca Writes – These posts are normally stories or poems that I’ve decided to share. Occasionally, there will be an excerpt from a book I’m in the process of writing, editing, or marketing.
  2. Mixed Yokes – I think this is one of my most important categories. These posts deal with the subject of dating outside one’s own religion (or lack thereof), especially sharing experiences, both good and bad, of those who have been or are in that situation.
  3. Bad Atheist Arguments – Atheists have their share of bad arguments, too, and this is where I put any posts calling them out.
  4. LGBT – I don’t have much in this category yet, but I think it’s a very important one, dealing with all manner of LGBT issues. I will do the best I can as an ally to the movement.
  5. Science! – Need I say more?
  6. Bad Science – These posts are about pseudoscience.
  7. Alternative Medicine – As you might guess, these posts will often overlap with Bad Science. Every once in a while I just have to write something refuting statements like “sugar is poison”.
  8. Programming – As a professional developer, I will sometimes want to write about coding. This category is for those posts.
  9. Crafting – Crafts are my one true passion. Although I consider programming and writing to both be crafts, this category is normally reserved for pictures of items I’ve made. For Christmas 2014, nearly every adult in my family received a knitted or crocheted scarf, and this category holds the pictures.
  10. Politics – I don’t much care for politics, but when I share an opinion on a political subject, here’s where it will be.
  11. Crumbs of Life – If you want small insights into my daily life, whether it’s taking care of pets or a short thought, this is the place to go.
  12. Twitter Nonsense – These posts aren’t very important, but I feel they are worth noting. Normally, such posts are the compilation of a conversation I’ve had on Twitter, with some further comments.

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