Truth or Dare

My life changed forever at around 3 AM one random Tuesday while playing Truth or Dare. We were sitting in a circle in one of the dorm lounge areas, some of my friends and I. Mark normally avoided such games, but he had been roped in this time. When he asked for a truth, I fired this … More Truth or Dare

The Fugitive

A crack of thunder boomed as lightning lit the sky, changing the pattern of the angry thud of heavy rainfall. I huddled in an alley, trying to stay hidden from the brunt of the storm by squeezing against the locked door of a closed bar. My heart raced as I pondered what I could possibly … More The Fugitive

Who Am I?

Who am I? I cannot say. I wander lost throughout the day. I cannot tell who I may be For there simply is too much of me. I like fantasy and non-fiction; I read too much and should study diction; I’m a sponge; I’m a mirror; I cause some people fear Because I can shoot … More Who Am I?

Beyond the Wall

Mine was a happy childhood; at least, I remember mostly happiness. I never knew my father; he was at work when I was awake and I only saw him in pictures and brief glances when I was supposed to be in bed. I didn’t know my father’s family, either; none of his siblings or parents … More Beyond the Wall

The Festering Hellcat

A youth ran into the bookstore eagerly, looked around, and ran back out just as eagerly. Then, he took two steps down the sidewalk and pushed open the door of the neighboring pet store. He ran to the counter and pushed a sweaty fistful of wadded cash and coins towards the cashier. “Please, sir, please,” … More The Festering Hellcat

The Grizzly Wizard

He was born an ordinary cub, and grew under the loving care of his mother and the forest guardian, an old nymph. The nymph knew she was aging, and for several years had been searching all who were born in her forest for a new guardian, some youth worthy and capable of replacing her. She … More The Grizzly Wizard