Catholicism and Evolution

There’s an extremely common misconception that the Catholic Church accepts evolution. Of course, in a sense, it does. Nothing in official Catholic teaching forbids Catholics from accepting that cats and dogs and turtles all evolved from fish. Indeed, nothing in Church teaching forbids Catholics from believing that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors. What is forbidden … More Catholicism and Evolution


Because I would apparently rather hold baby mice than blog, I have two links about white privilege today rather than something original or at least about the topic of the blog as a whole. To be fair, the mice babies are much cuter than my faceless readers. The first is by a white female in a … More Racism

Why Programmers Have Interactive Development Environments

So I found this while derping around the intertubes: See if you can guess what frustrated me. If you’re a programmer, you’ll see it pretty quick. Ready? This code won’t even compile! You can’t return false in a String method! Also, the personAtDoor variable is never instantiated! Not to mention all the code smells here, … More Why Programmers Have Interactive Development Environments

On Rape Accusations

Rape is a serious problem in America. I think you’d have to be willfully blind to disagree with that statement. One reaction to this has been to automatically treat every woman who accuses a man of rape as though she must be telling the truth. This is, I think, an improvement over treating all such … More On Rape Accusations