A Follow-up to the Viral Coming Out Video

I found this article this morning: http://www.advocate.com/youth/2014/08/28/watch-christian-familys-terrifying-response-son-coming-out I encourage you to watch the actual video, if you have not already done so. However, I will warn you that it is horrifying. I have a couple of little issues with the article. For one thing, the title of the article has “Christian” in quotes, implying that the … More A Follow-up to the Viral Coming Out Video

An Ideal Day

I’m not sure what time I would wake up if I had the choice, but I do know I would not set an alarm. If it was early enough, I would start by getting some writing done; whether a new “short story” or a few more sentences in a novel or some characterization or even … More An Ideal Day

Some Great Ideas

I’ve been having some arguments on reddit this weekend (big surprise, right?) that I hope to turn into two new blog posts. While I’m working on that, here’s some great ideas we should fund:

Child Indoctrination

  My boyfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being together yesterday, so today I’m just going to share this image. It illustrates a lot of things, including that everybody is guilty of indoctrinating their child to some extent, especially if the child is young. Is it wrong to wait to teach children why … More Child Indoctrination

Mermaids and God

This is a clear demonstration of exactly the thinking that leads to books like I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. An excellent explanation is in the following video, although I think his definition of omnipotence strawmans the way theists typically use the term. Usually, theists use omnipotent to mean the power to do … More Mermaids and God

Is Morality Objective?

I recently found two varying opinions on the objectivity of morality. The shorter read is this reddit comment from user DeusExMentis. He says that morality could be referentially objective – that is, similar to how what is objectively south of me might be objectively north of you, what is objectively wrong in one circumstance might be … More Is Morality Objective?