An Ideal Day

I’m not sure what time I would wake up if I had the choice, but I do know I would not set an alarm.

If it was early enough, I would start by getting some writing done; whether a new “short story” or a few more sentences in a novel or some characterization or even just a journal entry, that would be the first hour of my day. If I didn’t get up early, I would first have to feed the animals that get fed in the morning.

Then, I would publish a blog post and spend an hour catching up with all the little internet things I bother with. Checking emails, replying to comments, looking at view counts, reading web comics, maybe even facebook, until a timer informed me my hour was up.

If I was hungry by then, I would grab something to eat while I started work. I would expect myself to spend four hours on whatever project I’d assigned myself for that day, most likely a novel.

I would reward my diligence with a one hour break to do more computer things, followed by two hours of working on my blog. This would mainly include preparing the next post or two.

If I had time before dinner and giving the evening feedings to the pets, I would do some reading, play video games, work on a puzzle, do some crafting, or play with my animal figurines.

I’m not sure how many pets I would have exactly if the only limit was how much time I had to care for them, but I’m sure I want a cat, a dog, a horse, a hamster, a turtle or tortoise, and some gerbils. I think I would also like to have bunnies, guinea pigs, a chinchilla, and a big old lizard. (Gerbils are to be fed twice a day, so I assume I would feed some animals in the morning, some in the evening, and some both times.) My boyfriend would probably have rats and/or mice, and maybe a sugar glider, but I wouldn’t take care of them as much.

My evening would be spent with my boyfriend and our menagerie if I stayed home, with at least one hour of work mixed in, either writing for my blog or working on the day’s project. However, I face a very real danger of falling into deep depression if I don’t force myself to leave home and go be social sometimes, probably about three times a week. So, I might go to a bar or a coffee shop or some other meetup, hopefully for good conversation, possibly providing something to post about on my blog. My boyfriend would of course be welcome, but it’s important that I go sometimes even if he won’t or has something else going on that I can’t attend.

Before I went to sleep, it would be very important that I pick the next day’s project, so I don’t waste time bouncing between my worlds. This would almost always be a book, because being an author is so important to me. Mostly, these would be novels, but I have some non-fiction planned, too. I’d also want to gather an anthology sometimes, as not every idea is worthy of a full novel. I might want to work on a program some days, if only so my most marketable skill does not disappear, or do some knitting, if only so I can watch movies or listen to audio books.

Even in an ideal world, I could not do this every day, for in an ideal world I would sometimes have visitors or go visiting. This is just how I wish my day would go more often than not.

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