Gif Overload

I can’t promise Saturday posting will become a regular thing, but I wanted to share all these gifs I found because I like them. Those last two appear to be the same pair of animals, which is pretty neat. That’s all for today! Click around on “Problems with Christianity” or “Arguments for God’s Existence” if … More Gif Overload

Death and Loss

Death appears to be a growing presence in my life of late. One of my uncles, who lives far away from the rest of my family, was diagnosed with cancer early this year, and though he is fighting, he will likely die within a few years. The priest who was my pastor for much of … More Death and Loss

The Design Argument

This is the fifth in a series of posts responding to a list of 20 arguments for the existence of god from this article. To be fair, the article does state that these arguments don’t make a case except when taken all together, using the metaphor of a rope, but I am analyzing them individually so … More The Design Argument

Layers of Hypocrisy

Christians and atheists (and, I assume, people of all other beliefs) behave in ways worse than they think they should. An atheist might eat meat despite seeing vegetarianism as the moral ideal. A Christian might cheat on a spouse despite knowing from Bible and conscience that it is wrong. Both are examples of a very … More Layers of Hypocrisy

The Burden of Proof

Dear people who like debating, When trying to prove your side, the burden of proof is on you, not on the person you’re debating with. Saying “Here’s my side; prove me wrong” is incorrect. . Sincerely, anonymous. ~ I almost lost it when I saw that in my rss feed. (What is “it”?) See, this … More The Burden of Proof


I fancy myself a feminist, at this point, in the sense that I think any woman should be allowed to do (or at least attempt) anything any man is allowed to do (or at least attempt) and vice versa, and I think they should have equal rights and opportunities. However, I don’t think the term … More Equality