Gif Overload

I can’t promise Saturday posting will become a regular thing, but I wanted to share all these gifs I found because I like them.

Spidercat, spidercat, goes wherever he wants.
Doggy is still eating.
Up up up WOAH down
Kitty is get him
This is just really neat. SCIENCE
Kitty is flipping out
I’m get you! I’m get you!
Two of my favorite things: kittens and ice cream! This is probably not very good for the kitten, though.
Baby’s hand is mine now.
They are mean to doggy. Just look how sad he is!
I looove you caaaaaaaaaat
I’m go over here! ….nope.
Getting your tail!
yay tube yay tube NO BAD TUBE BAD TUBE! I like how his reaction is to hit it.
Doggy avoids cat
Kitty obeys dog

Those last two appear to be the same pair of animals, which is pretty neat.

That’s all for today! Click around on “Problems with Christianity” or “Arguments for God’s Existence” if you’d like more actual material. The Kalam argument is next on the schedule. Fun.

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