Happy Thanksgiving!

Because it’s Thanksgiving, the boyfriend and I will be doing a lot of traveling today and probably tomorrow to visit family, which will of course be stressful. It is for everyone, right?

“The Legend of Zelda” is classist, sexist and racist

A friend posted this article on Facebook recently, and I am compelled to rebut it. Partly because I am a huge fan of the franchise – those are almost the only games I play, and referencing that game is how I met my boyfriend – but mostly, I am so compelled because that article misrepresents many … More “The Legend of Zelda” is classist, sexist and racist

In God YOU Trust

Today, I was shopping instead of crafting. I was shopping mainly for crafting supplies, though. This happened because I tried to put air in my tires, but the gas station air compressor was out of order, so I had to go to another one. And then another one, because that one was also broken. By … More In God YOU Trust