Donation Incentives

Note: many of these incentives are much cheaper on my Patreon page. The wait times on some of these rewards reflect anything in my work queue from my patrons as well, and patrons have first priority every month. Wait times will also be decreased if I am ever able to make this my full-time job.

Please comment with any suggestions of incentives I should offer!

Most of these basically require use of the note to seller option through Paypal, which is pretty small now, so please watch carefully before clicking pay.


$10 – Any link you want on links page for a month!

Due to the nature of my site, you may feel more apologetics websites need represented (although I’m not sure why you’d be giving me money in that case), but keep in mind that I reserve the right to add my own commentary.

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$15 – Video Chat Access

This grants you access to the next monthly video chat where you can ask me any question you wish!

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$20 – You tell me what to post!

This could be a story prompt for me to write, an article to respond to, an argument you want me to answer, whatever! The only exception is a book for Rebecca Reads, as those posts take much more time and occasionally upfront money. Current wait time: 0 months (will be posted within 30 days)

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$30 – I’ll post whatever you want to write as one post on my blog!

I do reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling, but not content. Current wait time: 0 months (will be posted within 30 days)

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$50 – Clay Animal

I’ll make a clay animal for you. More details coming soon, including samples of previous work.

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$60 – You tell me what to read next for Rebecca Reads.

This will be behind the patron supporter in priority, but above anything I wanted to read next (for this blog). I’ll send you a message containing my current list of books to read (for the blog), including my priorities. You get to choose whether to move a book to the top of the list, or add a book to the top. Current wait time: 0 months (will be posted within 30 days)

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$75 – I’ll send you a package!

It might be a toy, a blind box (opened or unopened), some candy, something I’ve made… it will be random! Please include a note if you want something specific or a list of options, or if there is something on I’ve listed that you definitely don’t want. (Please add $10 for international shipping.)

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$150 – Video on Your Topic

I will work with my boyfriend (who actually knows how to do some video editing) to create a video on any topic you wish. Current wait time: 0 months (will be posted within 30 days)

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$250 – Pick your own reward!

Please be reasonable. Some things I won’t be able to do, some things I just won’t do, some things I’d be willing to do but will be unfeasible. Include your idea in the Paypal notes section and we’ll work something out.

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