Interview with Frank Zindler

For the few people who don’t already know, Frank Zindler is the editor of American Atheist Press, an author of several books, a polyglot, a musician, and a scientist – one of the very rare people who is a polymath (Renaissance Man). Before I knew who he was, I met and got to know him, and even were he not a well-known and well-respected leader in the atheist community, I would still admire him. I hope one day to have something like his breadth of knowledge on myriad subjects.

He recently was looking for new people to interview on his YouTube channel, and I knew I had to jump at that chance. It was one of our best conversations, I think, especially including before and after the actual recording – as he says in the video, we normally see each other in a bar that has normal bar levels of noise. (How anyone could enjoy the bar atmosphere is beyond me, but that’s entirely besides the point – that’s where the people are.)

The video reached YouTube this morning, according to the notification on my phone, and here it is:

I’m sure I have much I could add to what we said in that hour long discussion, but I’ll leave just a few links to some posts I reference. (All are set to open in a new tab.)

Very soon, I’ll be writing a post about Pope Francis expanding on some of my comments in the video. Subscribe to the rss feed or email list to receive a notification of that.

Please explore and let me know what you think by leaving comments – I’ll be watching for the notices as I work, care for hamsters, and craft!

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