Twitter Nonsense

Over the last few days, this happened on Twitter. In case you don’t wish to click the link, I posted this picture: I thought the point was really obvious: An all-powerful god could easily have done better than the Bible, which is a constant source of confusion and disagreement to Christians worldwide. How could anyone argue … More Twitter Nonsense

Who Am I?

Who am I? I cannot say. I wander lost throughout the day. I cannot tell who I may be For there simply is too much of me. I like fantasy and non-fiction; I read too much and should study diction; I’m a sponge; I’m a mirror; I cause some people fear Because I can shoot … More Who Am I?

Crumbs of Life

My boyfriend always makes fun of me for telling very short stories about things I’ve done. One time I protested that they were slice of life stories, and his response was that they were slice of slice of slice of slice of life stories. I’ve decided to start calling them crumbs of life stories. To … More Crumbs of Life

Fun Gifs

This has been an unusually busy week for me, what with trying to help promote Atheist Book Night, but hopefully I’ll have some writing time this evening. In the meantime, happy pets!

Atheist Book Night

There’s a social gathering of atheists at a bar I sometimes attend, and I picked the correct week to show up this week. While there, I learned about an exciting new idea from Barbara Williams of Great Lakes Atheists through a mutual friend. I’ll simply copy and paste the information she sent me. I encourage … More Atheist Book Night


Just a quick note: I wasn’t able to finish captioning my pet pictures before work, so I’ll be posting that later today.