Twitter Nonsense

Over the last few days, this happened on Twitter. In case you don’t wish to click the link, I posted this picture:


I thought the point was really obvious: An all-powerful god could easily have done better than the Bible, which is a constant source of confusion and disagreement to Christians worldwide. How could anyone argue against such a point?

Well, someone found a way! This guy (I’m assuming male, but I could be wrong) kept saying this:

I kept trying to express, as you can probably see, that the burden of proof that there is another effort is on him, that Christians don’t claim any other book by their god, that I certainly missed any worldwide thought injection of god’s wishes, and that whether the Bible is god’s only effort doesn’t actually matter for the argument in the picture; in fact, if god has other less well-known efforts that actually makes the problem worse, especially if they are better, because we still have the problem that the most well-known effort is a source of confusion causing many disagreements.

Either I did a terrible job or this guy is stupid. I ended the conversation by calling him an idiot, which I know is the wrong way to handle these things, but I didn’t know what else to do after saying the same thing three times or more and getting no understanding.

Normally, I wouldn’t post about these things (I had two other conversations on Twitter around the same time), but I don’t think I handled this well at all. Can anyone give me any tips on what I should have said? Am I the one being an idiot in this conversation?

2 thoughts on “Twitter Nonsense

  1. No tips, but a few thoughts. These arguments frequently aren’t. They are intentionally the equivalent of arguing with a wall. His “argument” is as as valid as a magic trick, and would require magic to answer affirmatively to his satisfaction. It’s identical to asserting atheists must prove god does not exist. It’s silly.

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