If I Became a God

If I were to suddenly gain supernatural power, without becoming any more of a loving or moral person than I am now, I have a few things I would do. First on the list is that any persons who became my priests would be physically incapable of child rape or even desiring to see children in a sexual light. This would be so strictly enforced that pedophiles seeking to end their desire to have sex with children would become priests of my religion as a cure. Not only that, but followers of my religion would receive protection from their children being sexually assaulted.


Because any being capable of preventing or stopping child rape has a moral obligation to do so. Any being capable of preventing or stopping child rape who refuses to do so is morally reprehensible.

This is certainly the case for other immoral acts, as well – rape in general is a great candidate, as is murder. (Perhaps another thing I could enforce had I supernatural powers is that none of my followers could be executed for crimes they did not commit. Even if they were convicted, the drug would not have effect. This protection would not extend to guilty followers.) The reason I focus on child rape specifically is because one simply cannot argue that a child in any sense “deserves” rape. It’s possible a grown woman or man has done something to deserve that punishment; although I’m not willing to make that argument myself, I acknowledge that it is possible to make it.

Another thing that I would do is refuse to demand worship. Instead, I would simply let it be known that there are certain benefits to being a member of my religion, such as the above-mentioned protections around child rape and probably other protections against natural disasters and diseases, and I would back up those claims with evidence. Any time someone wanted to be sure I existed or was willing to provide the benefits I advertised, I would make sure to answer whatever test they devised. If I were not all-powerful or all-knowing, but simply much more powerful than I am now, I would be honest about that. I also would not punish anyone for refusing to be my friend, and I might offer my divine protection even to certain humans who refused to be part of my religion.

The fact that there is not any religion like this already, with the deity that willing to provide obvious evidence and the benefits that clear, is a large part of why I think there are no gods worth worshiping. An all-loving, all-powerful, all-knowing being cannot co-exist with child rape. We know child rape exists; therefore, god does not.

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