Another Link Collection

Weekends are never long enough. Especially weekends where I end up having to do laundry and clean the gerbil cages. There are three gerbil cages now because I got little black ones because they are adorable and I might have a problem. The hamster cage needs cleaned again, too.

I personally have not noticed any everyday sexual harassment, at least nothing that bothered me. However, I did find a comic that talks about it, and it’s worth sharing.

Speaking of sex, there’s a candidate for Congress in Arizona who sent condoms to anti-abortion activists. Definitely follow that link if you want to support the candidate or need some condoms.

Speaking of abortion, here’s a list of 19 things that are cheaper than raising a child in America this year. I’m not sure the proper solution is to avoid having children, although there are many reasons to do that (such as the millions of orphans in need of parents). I think it’s a travesty that it’s so expensive, and that needs to change.

Speaking of lists, here’s 10 influences on the Bible. Disclaimer: I did not personally fact check this list, and some of the claims might be wrong.

Finally, I’ll wrap up with 20 science and math gifs, because science, math, and gifs are all awesome.

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