Bunch o’ Links

My whole apartment smells like corned beef. Amazing thing to wake up to!

Today, I’ll be posting a list of links to things I’ve found around the internet, with some short commentary.

First up is this bittersweet personal story about saving sex for marriage. It turns out that telling women sex is wrong their entire lives can make sex horrifying and guilt-producing even in the one context where it is supposed to be okay. Very fortunately, the woman married a feminist man, or she could have been even more miserable.

In keeping with the theme of problems with religion, next up is the story of two children murdered for blasphemy. I’ll let JT’s commentary cover this one.

Then, Neil deGrasse Tyson being the man. (It’s a very short video, don’t worry.) Wouldn’t aliens not having heard of Christ and therefore being doomed to hell give us MORE reason to search for them, so we can try to save them from such a horrifying fate? And that’s just the problem from within the paradigm.

Next is a powerful article on the women against feminism movement.

Here’s an article explaining that Republicans are people, too, and are just scared by many things that don’t concern the rest of us for varying reasons.

For anyone interested, here’s a link to the new Atheist TV livestream. I doubt I’ll be watching it much (I don’t really do TV), but I like the idea.

Going back to religion causing harm, it is a shame we need this but great that it exists. I’m talking about Secular Safe House, a community for those coming out of religious environments or coming out LGBT from such environments. As the name might suggest, it helps such individuals find housing, among other things. Please consider supporting that effort.

Finally, to end on a lighthearted note, here’s a Camels with Hammers post about an atheist knitting community. I certainly want to join!

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