On Schools, Bad Decisions, Good News, Feminism, and Prayer

Today, I have a few pictures that I wanted to give a short (but not short enough for Twitter) commentary on. I don’t think any of these pictures sparks enough for a full post, so I’m mashing them all together.


There’s a bunch of reasons! For one thing, methods of teaching different subjects are different. You can’t teach Math and Literature the same way; one is completely objective and the other is almost entirely subjective. So, the teachers of a subject know, besides the subject itself, how to best teach that subject (or they should, anyway). For another thing, teachers rarely know only what they teach; usually a teacher knows a lot more about his subject than just what he imparts to students. Further, it’s important to note that in very young grades, a teacher can teach every subject. Only when the topics grow more in depth are those with more expertise required. Finally, because teachers have typically been through more schooling than the students, they almost certainly do know all the subjects being taught at the level the student is expected to learn them. The only real exception is college, where a student chooses their own classes to take, although some high school electives may apply.

download (1)

While I love the humor of this, it’s assuming time travel is a thing that can happen, and that your decision isn’t the one that prevents time travel from being invented in the first place.


I wish this newspaper was a thing, too, but it would actually be stupendously boring to read. A better idea might be having a Good News page or section in the regular newspaper, or a segment on the TV, mainly with headlines and pictures, just to help keep in perspective that all the horrifying murders happening all the time aren’t happening to very many people in the grand scheme of things.


I love this. It is possible, I suppose, that some men want to display dominance by spreading their legs while sitting, but there’s a biological reason having nothing to do with ideology. As someone who just wants people to treat people like, well, people, it’s important to me to remind people like radfems that those they are opposed to are people, too. I’d also like to note that for women, spreading legs can be seen as a sign of submission. You know, because sex.


This is a very important thing to remember. I once read somewhere that religious people should act like atheists, in that they should work as though god wouldn’t do anything, and I think that’s very good advice for religious people. Of course, from my perspective, this is just another sign that god won’t or can’t do anything, so why bother believing in him?

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