Monster Mans!

This is one of the crafting projects I’ve been working on lately. These little “monster mans” (as I call them) are what I used for stocking stuffers for my co-workers. They were inspired by this crochet pattern over here. While I didn’t follow the pattern precisely for most of them, I think they came out fairly well. I’ll be offering this style craft as a donation incentive eventually – I simply have too much other crafting for Christmas to promise anything this month.

This is the first one I made; he lives on my monitor at work. I did not stuff him well enough, and he is inside out. The others are all better!
This is the other blue/green/yellow yarn I used. This is Red Heart Super Saver brand yarn, like many of the others.
There is great variety of googly eyes available now. Pretty awesome. Check out those eyelashes!
I think the button eyes are a bit weird. I’ll have to experiment with using felt circles behind the buttons so they look like pupils.
I think this one looks like camo. Kinda.
Another very masculine color. Most of my co-workers are men, because I’m a programmer.
This one is my favorite, so I gave it to the guy who had the roughest year. It can’t help much, but at least he has more desk friends.
This one turned out to be a super fatty. I’m not sure what happened. I do like the safety eyes look, though. Googly eyes are easiest, but safety eyes are probably nicest.
The last one! And the only one I made with a solid color instead of a variegated yarn. I enjoy working with the multi-colored yarn, but it’s nice to make solid color things, too.
Group shot! With quarter, for scale. These are about two inches tall, so not very big, but they are about a handful each.


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