An Insight into Myself

I realized today that there are really three things about which I am very passionate: making things, helping people out of religion, and animals. I enjoy crafting of all kinds, although I am currently most focused on programming (as my job that pays money) and crochet (as a fast way to get beautiful results). I enjoy thinking about theology and discussing the flaws I see in reasoning used to justify various religions, and I would like to help those who are leaving religion and dealing with some of the things I’ve had to deal with. I enjoy looking at, holding, and caring for animals, and I especially love cats.

Today, as far too often lately, I have worked too many hours to say much more. I hope, one day, to be able to make a job out of combining my three passions. However, I am really not there yet, not even close.

I leave you with a picture that combines two of my passions, cats and atheism:


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