Child Indoctrination

  My boyfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being together yesterday, so today I’m just going to share this image. It illustrates a lot of things, including that everybody is guilty of indoctrinating their child to some extent, especially if the child is young. Is it wrong to wait to teach children why … More Child Indoctrination

Would You Rather Have Friends or Author a New York Times Best Seller?

Would you rather have friends or author a New York Times best seller? I’ve been asking myself this question, along with the more general “What am I willing to give up from my day to be a more prolific writer?” for three days, since I read this article on Cracked called “5 Ways You’re Sabotaging … More Would You Rather Have Friends or Author a New York Times Best Seller?


I’m going to start with this picture, because the owl is cute and the message is good. The loss of Robin Williams is a tragedy by any reasonable use of the term. However, the silver lining is that it gives us all an excuse to talk about a subject many of us try to avoid: … More Depression

On Student Loans

This goes out to all those who say, “You knowingly put yourself in the situation where you’d have student loans! Don’t complain about being thousands of dollars in debt!” I went to college with a full scholarship plus some. I worked all through college, starting in high school. My last year, I worked two jobs. I … More On Student Loans

Crumbs of Life

My boyfriend always makes fun of me for telling very short stories about things I’ve done. One time I protested that they were slice of life stories, and his response was that they were slice of slice of slice of slice of life stories. I’ve decided to start calling them crumbs of life stories. To … More Crumbs of Life

Dating a Christian Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Idea

At least once a month, I’ll find a thread on a subreddit I frequent about someone’s struggle with being an atheist dating a Christian. Inevitably, there will be a flood of comments advising the person to drop their significant other like a hot potato, even in the case of someone who has been in a relationship … More Dating a Christian Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Idea

Long Term Goals

I’ve decided to start posting daily, in an attempt to increase readership. Why? Because it has always been my goal in life to be a writer, and this will help me reach that. I’m not sure how many days will be filler, but I’ll see how long I can keep this up.   “51. Do … More Long Term Goals