A Collection of Short Thoughts (Plus Some Pictures)

For the first time, I was glad not to be a cat this morning, as being a human means I can enjoy the antics of my gerbils and not just see them as food.

One of the things I worry about most in regards to my job is that I’ll accidentally wear the same color shirt two days in a row, making it look like I didn’t change. It’s not my biggest fear – my biggest fear is that I’ll never make enough through writing to do that full-time and have to stay in that job forever, not even having enough time and disposable income to breed gerbils. (I now have that dream, as well.)


I don’t want you to agree with me because I’m me or because I have authority; I want you to agree with me because I am right according to the evidence. I don’t have any authority, but I do have proof, and that’s why my position, atheism and evolution, gains ground while creationism and Christianity loses members all the time.


I must admit, I am not a very good skeptic. I try to be, but I have a tendency to believe everything I read and hear, to the point of not always being able to tell fantasy from reality on the first try. However, I am learning, thanks to skeptical and very smart friends.

This seems like a pretty good punishment system to me.
This seems like a pretty good punishment system to me.

Indoctrination works because it is a software problem that takes advantage of some hardware defects.

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