The Biggest Challenges to Staying Christian

Another day, another link for you! Sorry for all the short, almost link-only posts this week… Too many distractions. Today’s link is an article from Daylight Atheism. When I saw the title, I could not help but think, “The biggest challenge to staying Christian is that Christianity just isn’t true!” I’ll leave you with his final … More The Biggest Challenges to Staying Christian

Catholicism and Evolution

There’s an extremely common misconception that the Catholic Church accepts evolution. Of course, in a sense, it does. Nothing in official Catholic teaching forbids Catholics from accepting that cats and dogs and turtles all evolved from fish. Indeed, nothing in Church teaching forbids Catholics from believing that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors. What is forbidden … More Catholicism and Evolution

Mermaids and God

This is a clear demonstration of exactly the thinking that leads to books like I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. An excellent explanation is in the following video, although I think his definition of omnipotence strawmans the way theists typically use the term. Usually, theists use omnipotent to mean the power to do … More Mermaids and God

Is Morality Objective?

I recently found two varying opinions on the objectivity of morality. The shorter read is this reddit comment from user DeusExMentis. He says that morality could be referentially objective – that is, similar to how what is objectively south of me might be objectively north of you, what is objectively wrong in one circumstance might be … More Is Morality Objective?