Happy Thanksgiving!

Because it’s Thanksgiving, the boyfriend and I will be doing a lot of traveling today and probably tomorrow to visit family, which will of course be stressful. It is for everyone, right?

In God YOU Trust

Today, I was shopping instead of crafting. I was shopping mainly for crafting supplies, though. This happened because I tried to put air in my tires, but the gas station air compressor was out of order, so I had to go to another one. And then another one, because that one was also broken. By … More In God YOU Trust

What Do You Believe?

Before I start, I’d like to discuss a bit of semantics. I typically try to use the terms “believe”, “think”, and “know” to indicate varying levels of certainty. Obviously, “know” is the highest level, where I have no reasonable doubt. “Think” is in between, indicating that I’m fairly sure I could back up whatever I’m … More What Do You Believe?

Scarf Complete

This announcement is a bit overdue, but I wanted to share it. About the beginning of May, I decided to learn to knit. I wanted a craft that could travel well, that I could pick up and put down at a moment’s notice, that I could use to keep my hands busy while out being social … More Scarf Complete