Coincidence, Metaphysics, Libertarians, and Rape

I have four important issues to touch on today, listed quite obviously in the title. First up is coincidence. YouTuber QualiaSoup has a great demonstration of how and why a seemingly miraculous event could just be coincidence. I have little to add, other than to reassert his main thesis: an understanding of the mathematics of … More Coincidence, Metaphysics, Libertarians, and Rape

Child Indoctrination

  My boyfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being together yesterday, so today I’m just going to share this image. It illustrates a lot of things, including that everybody is guilty of indoctrinating their child to some extent, especially if the child is young. Is it wrong to wait to teach children why … More Child Indoctrination

On Circumcision

Warning: this will not be pretty. I’ve been reading Unspeakable Mutations: Circumcised Men Speak Out by Lindsay Watson. I’m only about halfway through the book, but I don’t need to read any more to know that circumcision is a terrible thing. Parents, before letting the doctors cut off a piece of your son, please look at … More On Circumcision