On Bad Apologetics

I would hope that everyone cares deeply about truth, exactly as I do. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered people who seem to care less about the truth than they do about being right and convincing others they are right by any means necessary. Usually, those means include things like “lying for Jesus” and appeals to fear or … More On Bad Apologetics

Dating a Christian Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Idea

At least once a month, I’ll find a thread on a subreddit I frequent about someone’s struggle with being an atheist dating a Christian. Inevitably, there will be a flood of comments advising the person to drop their significant other like a hot potato, even in the case of someone who has been in a relationship … More Dating a Christian Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Idea

November 14, 2010

I remember it being a rainy day, and I remember being in need of a shower. The rain might be a figment of my imagination. It was Sunday again. Once, I had looked forward to this day, for it meant sharing in the ritual of church. Indeed, I used to like that ritual enough that … More November 14, 2010