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First up, I’d like to bring up this article, “15 Things You Should Stop Saying to Girls with Tattoos“. I personally would never get a tattoo, most likely, because it is painful and permanent. However, some people get tattoos because they are permanent. Anyway, most of the things people say that are on this list are just rude, although I think number 4 could just be saying, “I wouldn’t do it, but it’s fine that you did because it’s your body”. Someone saying “Well, I wouldn’t get that” could just as easily mean “and therefore I’m morally superior” depending on tone, though, and that would be annoying.

Next up is something amusing with puns. The puns are very bad. If you hate puns, don’t click.

Then there is this post asking the question “Does anyone really know god?” Spoilers: nope.

Another example of counter-apologetics is an excellent article on the “argument” Christians sometimes make that atheism would mean life is meaningless.

Next is a great anecdote about a professor who demonstrated that his students already knew how to think… they just refused to apply that ability to religion. I think that’s a relevant point to keep in mind.

In the news, there was a study done recently revealing that new moms are dangerously exhausted for months. Next up will be a study proving that water is wet and politicians tell lies.

I’ve also learned that at least one restaurant exists that gives a discount to people who pray before eating. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it could be seen as just one more example of Christian privilege. Can we get a restaurant that gives a discount for NOT praying, and if so, would Christians boycott it?

I want to rant about this list I found of “6 Date Ideas to do with your Boyfriend“. The very first sentence is “If you have a boyfriend, you need to keep him happy to keep your relationship strong.” This is fine as far as it goes, but it implies that all of the responsibility is on the woman. That’s unfair. Then, the date ideas aren’t even things I would consider dates. The list starts with “cook for him”, which can be romantic, but I wouldn’t consider it a date. Second is to play video games, which is something most couples I know do anyway if either plays, and again, hardly a date. The third idea, watch a movie, is alright; it implies the idea of compromise in watching a genre he likes so he’ll watch a genre she likes, but it doesn’t quite get there because it sounds more like manipulating him to get what you want. Fourth is to have a picnic, which is the first idea that I would always consider a date because it implies leaving the house. Fifth is to go to a sporting event – continuing with the theme that it’s the woman’s duty to please the man regardless of what she wants – which could be a date, but in my case, neither of us likes sports, so this is right out. Sixth is a long drive, which is a great idea except gas costs a million dollars. In short, out of 6 ideas, only one would actually be something new that’s a date we could do (go on a picnic). Is there a similar list for men wanting to please women?

Finally, to ensure a good ending, go read this. I have chosen poorly and am trying to change that. What about you?

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