Attention, Ocean, Tipping, and Transexuality

Just four pictures to share today. To this first, I had a visceral reaction:

funny-girls-blonde-exam-skinny-legsNot everyone who says these sort of things is being an attention seeker. I’m sure I’ve said all three of these at some point, and each time, it was because that really is how I perceived myself. Telling someone with low self-esteem to shut up isn’t helping them. Yes, there really are people who say things that are obviously false to seek attention, but you don’t know whether what is obviously false to you is obviously false to them. Many of us see ourselves in much worse light than you do, because we constantly see the worst side of ourselves. Further, some of us have a voice in our heads that lies to us, continually telling us that we are awful people, completely unworthy of love.

Maybe, instead of telling people to shut up, you should risk over-inflating egos, just in case the person really does have low self-esteem and is looking for validation that they are worth anything.


This picture is really neat on one level, because it illustrates so well why I’m scared of the ocean. On the other hand, though, it’s full of lies. Consider the Loch Ness monster for a moment.

One reason to believe there cannot be a huge sea monster in Loch Ness is that it is too small. While it is a very deep lake, it cannot support a population of more than 30 metric tons of fish because there is only so much algae. This might seem like a lot, but it limits the size of a large carnivore to about 600-700 lbs. That’s smaller than a horse.

The ocean is, obviously, much bigger than Loch Ness, but there is still a limit to how big something can grow, and how many huge monsters can exist in the sea. The odds of finding this many monsters at once is almost non-existent.

download (3)

If you try to tip like this, you are an asshole. If you do not tip at all, unless the service is dismal, you are an asshole. That is all.

This last picture is just a story I think is pretty neat:


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