Vaccines, Abortion, and Deafness

If you have been told that vaccines cause autism, you are being lied to. Even if they did, since when is autism a fate worse than death?

In other news, a mother faces jail for helping her daughter to obtain an abortion. In this case, it may be justified, in that she was acting outside the law. However, if abortion had been more freely available, this would never have happened.

I also found this interesting opinion on why you shouldn’t share videos of someone hearing for the first time. I’m a bit torn on this one. I can, to an extent, see where the person is coming from. On the other hand, if it is wrong to show videos of deaf people hearing for the first time because it sends the message that anyone who will never be able to hear is broken and needs fixed, where do you draw the line? Would it be wrong to share a video of a child born without legs walking on prosthetics for the first time because it sends the message that someone without legs is broken and needs fixed? Would it be wrong to share stories of recovery from a serious disease because others with that disease would feel broken? What if someone found a way to “cure” autism (cure feels like the wrong word), would it be wrong to share a story of that? What about videos of people seeing for the first time?

I personally don’t necessarily disagree with the opinion expressed in that article, but I do think saying “Don’t share the videos because people might feel broken” is too simplistic of a view, especially when it is too easy to take that as a general rule of thumb and apply it to many other disabilities, and deafness IS a disability.

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