Paul Key: A Presbyterian Minister Who Became A Catholic

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The eighteenth episode of The Journey Home is titled “Paul Key: A Presbyterian Minister Who Became A Catholic ” and aired January 23, 1998. It can be viewed online here.

This is a story we’ve seen before, several times, on this series. A man took his Christian faith extremely seriously, read the Bible, and found that the Catholic Church had a better understanding than his Protestant denomination. Despite the necessary sacrifices, he converted to Catholicism.

It’s becoming repetitive at this point, but once again… if I thought Christianity were true, I think I would be Catholic. In a sense, some of why I left Christianity altogether is because I realized Catholicism isn’t true.

There’s really nothing else to say, as of the 95 reasons Paul Key mentions for becoming Catholic, he describes 1 specifically. He mentions that Pope John Paul II is one of the reasons he became Catholic, because he finds that pope (then the current pope) so inspiring. I just don’t identify with that.

So far, our breakdown of the guests’ religious state before conversion to Catholicism looks like this.

  • Serious Christian: 12
  • Always Catholic: 3
  • Lax Christian: 1
  • Non-Christian, but religious: 2
  • Non-believer, but not very skeptical: 0
  • Skeptic: 0

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