Tim Staples: An Assemblies of God Youth Minister Who Became A Catholic

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The thirty-seventh episode of The Journey Home is titled “Tim Staples: An Assemblies of God Youth Minister Who Became A Catholic” and aired August 14, 1998. It can be viewed online here.

Yet again, this episode’s guest has always been a Christian and took his faith seriously at least most of his life, particularly when he became Catholic. As is common, he turned to Catholicism when he realized certain doctrines could be supported through the Bible. At no point in his story did he doubt the veracity of the Bible and find that it must be trusted by applying skepticism – I doubt that anyone ever could.

So far, our breakdown of the guests’ religious state before conversion to Catholicism looks like this.

  • Repeat Guest: 2
  • Serious Christian: 24
  • Always Catholic: 8
  • Lax Christian: 1
  • Non-Christian, but religious: 2
  • Non-believer, but not very skeptical: 0
  • Skeptic: 0

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