Because I would apparently rather hold baby mice than blog, I have two links about white privilege today rather than something original or at least about the topic of the blog as a whole. To be fair, the mice babies are much cuter than my faceless readers. The first is by a white female in a … More Racism

On Rape Accusations

Rape is a serious problem in America. I think you’d have to be willfully blind to disagree with that statement. One reaction to this has been to automatically treat every woman who accuses a man of rape as though she must be telling the truth. This is, I think, an improvement over treating all such … More On Rape Accusations

Gun Control

This is a topic where I’m not sure I know my own mind. I grew up with guns, and I was pretty proficient with a rifle last time I tried to use one. I enjoy hitting a precision target. I think it just makes sense that more people carrying concealed decreases the crime rate, because … More Gun Control

Coincidence, Metaphysics, Libertarians, and Rape

I have four important issues to touch on today, listed quite obviously in the title. First up is coincidence. YouTuber QualiaSoup has a great demonstration of how and why a seemingly miraculous event could just be coincidence. I have little to add, other than to reassert his main thesis: an understanding of the mathematics of … More Coincidence, Metaphysics, Libertarians, and Rape

Child Indoctrination

  My boyfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being together yesterday, so today I’m just going to share this image. It illustrates a lot of things, including that everybody is guilty of indoctrinating their child to some extent, especially if the child is young. Is it wrong to wait to teach children why … More Child Indoctrination