Truth, Abuse, Fatties, and Church

The title makes it look like I’m talking about one thing. Nope, here are four links.

First up is a post by JT Eberhard about a tweet. It’s a quote, attributed to Dostoevsky: “If anyone proved to me that Christ was outside the truth, then I would prefer to remain with Christ than with the truth.” This is a major problem for Christianity or anyone who would say something similar, and JT’s commentary is excellent.

Next is a link that helps to raise awareness of domestic abuse. If you or someone you know might be experiencing abuse, please seek help.

Third is a post by Godless Mom about whether we owe it to our spouses to not be fatties. While I want to agree with her wholeheartedly, I also know that, probably because of my upbringing, I am more likely to take care of myself for my boyfriend than just for me. Luckily, I found a guy who truly does not care and wants me to do whatever I want. The most he does is tell me to brush my teeth (which I need, because otherwise I tend not to). Possibly the best quote from the post: “someone who gives a shit about themselves, is sexy as fuck.” One final thought on the issue: if you have not yet found a significant other who doesn’t care whether you shave your legs, keep looking, because you have not found someone who loves you.

Finally, I found this post interesting. It’s about the guy who helped write Evolving out of Eden (which I have not yet read) going back to his home parish for a visit.

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