9 Ways Christian Zealots Ruin America

I know I’ve been posting very little of my own writing lately, and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see that the reason is that I’m trying to make a bunch of gifts for people on my Christmas shopping list. I really enjoy making things, but this is beginning to get out of hand! As soon as Christmas is over, I’m going to get back into writing.

In any case, today I am offering this link to an article about several ways in which fundamentalist Christians are harming America. I can attest to pretty much all of this behavior from my family members – faith healing is the only problem on the list with which I have no personal experience. I was even told to do chores around the house or not have dinner based on 2 Thessalonians 3:10; “if any man will not work, neither let him eat” was often quoted around my family. Leaving aside the question of whether it is good for children to do chores and otherwise help around the house (I think it is largely a good thing), that is not a very good way of going about it, in my opinion.

Current Christmas Craft Countdown: 20 projects made, 5 in progress, 7 on my list not yet started – all those not yet started are only to be done if time permits. I intend to post pictures after giving away the results.

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